The Fleximate Mat is for outdoor/indoor use.

Main characteristics:
+ Comfort Flexiconf ® System | Softer step, less noise.

+ Cleaning Flexidynamic ® System | Orientates the rubber ribs to trap and eliminate more dirt.

+ Durability Flexilight ® System | Increases flexibility, for easier washing and maintenance.

The Matador Mat is made of rubber with an aluminium edge for outdoor or indoor use that provides a natural, healthy and comfortable work environment.
Use natural resources as a barrier against dirt.

Technical Specifications
Available for either inlaid (recessed) applications or with bevelled edges.

Inlaid Application

> How to calculate: The mat recess must have a 0.5 cm gap on either side. The mat is 2.5 cm high.

Bevelled Edges

Bevelled edges are made of aluminium to increase resistance and improve the finish.

> How to calculate: Bevelled edges increase the mat size by 6.35 cm on the respective sides. The mat may have a bevelled edge on one or all sides.
The Rug is 2.5 cm high.


The rubber
The mats are made of recycled rubber of high quality and durability. The extruded rubber provides solid and robust construction for a long lifecycle free of geometric matrix distortions caused by continuous use.

The aluminium
Extruded aluminium has a unique combination of properties that make it a versatile, multi-use and attractive construction material.
Aluminium characteristics:
Natural aluminium that is non-toxic, rugged, light and resistant to corrosion.

The bond between rubber and aluminium
The PVC structure is embedded in the aluminium bar, thus ensuring greater durability and stability.
The spacers are connected using a steel cable.