Privacy policy

This data protection guarantee declaration is applied specifically and exclusively for services rendered by Matador Mats.

The Internet is a marvelous communication instrument. Nearly every day we are becoming more aware of its growing importance in our lives as it brings the world to us through our computer by a mere mouse click. Persons are brought together and experiences are disclosed faster than ever. Society is currently evolving in huge leaps.

For all these factors and so that the Internet may become an increasingly trusted means of communication, Matador Mats places great emphasis on ensuring strict data confidentiality to everyone using its services and visiting its website.

If, for any reason, Matador Mats decides to update its privacy policy, you will be the first to know.

Matador Mats guarantees that your data SHALL NOT be used in any list for email or telephone sales campaigns and shall not be disclosed to any other organization or company.

Tapetes Matador is committed to protecting your privacy and will take great measures to ensure that it uses sufficiently effective technology to make your online experience and your Web interactions become progressively more secure and safer.

For any further information about this commitment, please feel free to Contact us.