Matador Mats


MATADOR FPS range helps to protect your door investment and the welfare of your
business. Studies performed by ISSA – International Cleaning Service Association and by
E.T.S.A, indicate that by using a FPS maintenance costs are reduced up to 40% per year.
According to ISSA study a daily track of 600 passages produces 90kg of dirt annually. This
is the reason why MATADOR FPS family range is useful..

Functional Engineering
MATADOR FPS provides an ecient and functional way of scrapping, trapping,
collecting dirt and moist from footwear. The models are manufactured with strong and
light components: aluminum, rubber and PVC.
MATADOR FPS is conceived to trap up to 40% of the dirt and moist carried into the

Architectural Design
MATADOR FPS can be adjusted to any architectural design. The manufacturing process
allows full customization of shapes and sizes as well as color selection in specic models.
MATADOR BLACK SERIES brings elegance and functionality to the entrance and creates a
sophisticated environment.
All MATADOR FPS are easy to install and easy to maintain.

Environmental sound and low carbon footprint
MATADOR FPS range is built to reduce carbon footprint. The reduction of particles of dust
in suspension improves air indoor quality and reduces energy, water and cleaning
chemicals costs.